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Experience Matters

With 40 years of engineering experience, PACECO®CORP. has developed numerous container handling equipment designs and to suit a variety of needs.

PACECO Corp.’s dockside container handling cranes, known as PORTAINER cranes, are the workhorses of the seaport container industry. PORTAINER cranes perform the vital work of loading and unloading cargo containers on container ships.

A Standard PORTAINER comes equipped with a Unit Drive Gantry System. This system aids the maintenance process by eliminating open gears which allows for easier replacement. The computerized full-time feed back sway control system can minimize cycle time by optimizing the path and controlling the sway of the spreader.

PACECO Corp. has developed numerous designs and to suit a variety of needs. Low-Profile and Articulated Boom designs are available for ports situated near airports. PACECO Corp. has also supplied mono-girder and machinery trolley cranes.

Durable & Efficient Design

The Large sized PORTAINER is designed for lighter weight and higher structural rigidity by the optimal arrangement of structural reinforcement. A PORTAINER with 62m of outreach weighs 1,100 tons dead weight.

PACECO®  CORP. also provides  supplementary systems such as:

  • Anti-Snag Systems
  • Anti-Sway Systems
  • Boom Anti-Collision Systems
  • Curved Rail Articulation
  • Seismic Isolation
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