PACECO® CORP.’s TRANSTAINER® cranes are among the most productive and reliable yard cranes. They improve port productivity, and have low maintenance requirements for higher crane availability. Our companies and our licensees have refined our crane designs and developed technologies that enhance efficiency, productivity and safety. The Anti-Sway, Anti Skew and Shift functions of the Spreader are achieved by the active control of sway dampening motors located on trolley.

This system manages the active control of sway dampening motors located on the trolley. Improved wire rope reeving contributes to more precise hoist control. The TRANSTAINER® crane features a Trolley design that allows for more ease of maintenance with a wider deck and unit drives for Trolley traverse control. Trolley unit drives and cable energy chains are all standard equipment on the TRANSTAINER®.

TRANSTAINER® cranes are mainly available in two forms: Rubber-Tire Gantry (RTG) and Rail-Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes. PACECO® CORP. provides a variety of each crane. RTG cranes are available in a variety of wheel configurations, most commonly in 8-wheel or 16-wheel designs.


Reduced Annual Running Costs With a smaller engine, maintenance for the Hybrid TRANSTAINER® costs less than a conventional diesel engine. With the added savings of fuel consumption, the Hybrid TRANSTAINER® reduces annual running costs up to 40%.

Flexible Operation The Hybrid TRANSTAINER® keeps the conventional flexible operation in cross-traveling. In addition, in the case on engine problems, the large capacity battery helps to keep certain operations (ex. moving back to maintenance shop). Damage to the entire terminal operation is minimized.​


PACECO® CORP. is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of cargo container handling cranes for seaports.


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