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Recent Projects

PACECO® CORP. located in Hayward California, USAmodified three (3) Mitsubishi quayside cranes located at CCT terminal, Colon, Panama to service super post-panamax ships.  These three cranes with designated crane number #7, #8 and #9 were delivered in 2005 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD. Japan. 

They will be raised from the existing 34.7 m to 40.8 m or for a 6.1 m lifting height increase. The boom of these three cranes will also be extended from the existing 50.5 m to 56 m or for 5.5 m extension. PACECO® CORP. plans to ship the key jacking tower and dispatch engineers to CCT terminal to manage the site work, with a local contractor, M & C, providing the labor and equipment required to perform the work.  This is the first time PACECO® CORP. will perform crane modification services in Central or South America.

PACECO® CORP. recently completed a crane modification project for eight quayside cranes at the TraPac terminal in Los Angeles, California, USA.  These cranes were delivered by PACECO® CORP. licensee, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd between 1997 and 2007.

Of the eight cranes, two had the crane height lifted and the back reach extended from 35 ft to 45 ft to support automatic shuttle operations at TraPac.  The largest crane, crane #9 delivered in 2007, required a boom extension from 170.6 ft to 186.6 ft (16 ft extension) and the crane height lifted from 120 ft to 144 ft.  PACECO® CORP., benefiting from its crane modification technique, was able to extend the boom as installed on the crane without lowering the boom to the ground. 

This signifiantly reduced the cost and total time for the crane to be out of service.  The total cost for this project was approximatley $3 million US dollars.   The other 7 cranes were raised 22 ft, from 110 ft to 132 ft at a cost under $2 million US dollars.  The project commenced June, 2013 and completed by the end of April, 2014, with each crane out of service no longer than  four weeks. 

To avoid obstructing normal operations, a total of 5 crane relocations were required to shuttle each crane to the end of the dock where a dedicated work site was established.  OCT (Ocean Terminal Services) worked as PACECO® CORP. sub-contractor, providing ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) labor.

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