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PACECO® MITSUI also provides fully computerized Terminal Operating Systems for container terminals to manage their operations. These proven operating systems are on the forefront of terminal gate and yard operations, vessel planning and inventory control. They are reliable, flexible and can be integrated with other user systems such as booking, customs and delivery.

YPCS is an on-line real time core system to control all the information required for container terminals, including various EDI interfaces, such as EDIFACT and any other private formats. Terminal Information, which is required for shippers, shipping lines, forwarders, truckers, etc. is accessible via the internet. You can reserve your containers through the Internet. YPCS is designed with the JAVA platform as the internet application.

PACECO® CORP. is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of cargo container handling cranes for seaports. Our primary products, PORTAINER and TRANSTAINER cranes, are among the most reliable and productive container handling cranes on the market.
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